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Welcome to – your destination for discovering the best of both traditional and modern cookers (range cookers) from renowned brands. Within our extensive range, you'll find Italian brands like Lofra as well as Pazzano.

Our cookers are characterised by Italian stove design, featuring elegant chrome, bronze, or brass accents. Choose from gas cookers and induction cookers in various sizes and finishes to perfectly tailor the stove to your kitchen. Whether you prefer the classic gas cooker with swift and precise heat control or the modern induction cooker with its efficient cooking technology, there's a cooker to meet your desires. We offer compact stoves for smaller kitchens and large stoves for those in need of extra capacity. Explore our collection of 90 cm wide range cookers that are perfect for cooking for the whole family and provide ample space to handle even the most elaborate culinary endeavours. For more information and guidance, feel free to delve into our buying guide to learn more about our range cookers and what factors to consider before purchasing a stove.

No matter your preferences, we are confident that we have the ideal cooker for you. Explore our range and take the first step towards transforming your kitchen into a space where style and functionality converge in perfect harmony. – your partner for the highest quality cookers.

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