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Welcome to our buying guide. Here we present the various range cookers that are available and explain what you should consider when shopping for the best type of cooker for your kitchen. Our guide contains information on which different styles, sizes and hobs are available.
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What is a range cooker?

The definition of a range cooker is usually an exclusive cooker that is wider than a normal stove and has two or more ovens. A range cooker brings numerous practical advantages to your kitchen and is an excellent choice if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen and preparing all kinds of cooked meals. As well as a sleek, stylish design, range cookers offer additional flexibility and cooking capabilities. They are precision engineered to give you a versatile range of cooking options and equipped with more features than a standard cooker. offers all styles, sizes and colours of range cookers. Our selection includes cookers with gas, ceramic or induction hobs.

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What is a range cooker?
Feature options
Top quality and solid metal detailing are the distinguishing strengths of a classic range-cooker. Range cookers from most brands today have lots of detail and color options. We wish to point out that there is considerable difference between solid metal handles and controls and those made of metal-clad bakelite plastic.

What sizes are available?

The cookers we sell are available in widths of 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm. The number of ovens and cooking zones can vary depending on the make and model of cooker. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding what works best for you and your kitchen. Choose a cooker that best suits your cooking habits!

What type of hob should I choose?

Induction hobs

The greatest benefit of an induction hob is a faster cooking time and less energy usage. Energy efficiency is maximized as only the base of the pan is heated and there is no loss of heat in areas where you do not place the pan. Consequently, induction cooking uses 90% of the energy produced. Much like gas hobs, induction hobs generate heat directly to the pan and respond immediately to an increase or reduction of heat. Induction cooking uses magnetism to heat the pan which means that the cookware must contain a certain amount of magnetic-based material such as cast iron, titanium or steel.

Ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs work thanks to the heating element underneath the glass surface which warms up and transfers heat to the selected cooking zone. Unlike induction hobs, the entire cooking zone is heated. All types of cooking pans are suitable with a ceramic hob. A major advantage with both ceramic and induction hobs is that their smooth surface makes it really easy to clean them.

Gas hobs

Anyone who enjoys cooking on a gas hob knows that the precise temperature control and the ability to instantly adjust the heat are unique to a gas burner. No other type of hob offers such precision. The gas hob captures the solid craftsmanship of cooking and is without doubt the preferred choice for professional chefs. No need to purchase special pots and pans as all types of cookware are suitable for use on a gas hob! A gas hob is often combined with an electric oven in what is known as a dual fuel cooker. We also offer full gas cookers which combine a gas hob with a gas oven.

SABAF burners

When purchasing a cooker with a gas hob, it is important to look at the quality and type of burner the hob has. SABAF is the leading brand of gas burners and it can be a good idea to look for this when choosing a gas cooker.

E.G.O. induction

You should also make sure that the induction hob offers long-lasting top-quality performance. The German brand E.G.O. is the industry leader in induction hobs. E.G.O. induction hobs are used by the majority of all major cooker brands today.

What type of oven should I choose?

Today’s smart and functional cookers are designed to offer the versatility to mix and match the cooking needs of your family. Your cooking habits determine the choice of hob and also the choice of oven. Start by thinking about how many ovens you and your family need and want. We offer a range of makes of cookers in a variety of designs, featuring one to three ovens. The advantage of having two or three ovens is that this allows you to set several temperatures and thus cook different dishes simultaneously in different ovens. The advantage of just one oven is its generous size. The oven often features fan-assisted cooking which lets you cook several dishes evenly in the same oven without the flavours of the different foods intermingling.

Gas ovens

A gas oven is the ideal choice if you want to cook with gas for the sake of taste or have limited access to electricity, for example, in a holiday cottage. A definite advantage of a gas oven is that it heats up faster than a regular electric oven. With a gas oven, it is important to use trays that allow the heat to circulate inside the oven. Our Lofra gas ovens are excellent in this respect as their trays rest on a rack and have ventilation holes all the way around the outer edge of the tray. This allows the heat to fully circulate inside the oven instead of most of the heat coming from below, which can otherwise happen in a gas oven.

Multifunction ovens

An electric multifunction oven offers a range of functions in one oven, including top and bottom heating, a grill and fan-assisted heating. This means you have the best of all worlds in a single oven. It has functions that are suitable for different cooking methods and ingredients, as well as baking, grilling and thawing food. This oven offers plenty of flexibility for home cooking and is perfect for those eager to try all types of new recipes!

How should I clean my oven?

There are a lot of ways to clean an oven. Everything from home remedies to advanced cleaning functions. A bit of manual cleaning is always necessary however. The inside of both enamel lined ovens and pyrolytic ovens needs wiping down. Pyrolytic cleaning burns off any food residue and reduces it to ashes, which you then wipe away. An enamel lined oven does not use this process. The enamel coating effectively resists residue and spills, so they can be easily wiped off without having to heat the oven first.


It is becoming increasingly popular to integrate appliances into a kitchen, particularly as it saves space. We have a choice of ovens, hobs, microwaves ovens, rangetios and coffee machines all designed for building into your kitchen. Combine the appliances to suit your personal taste and lifestyle and create your own dream kitchen. Let solid craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology come together in a beautifully designed kitchen.

Kitchen solutions

We offer complete solutions tailored to your wishes and the specific requirements of your kitchen. When you purchase a cooker from us, you have the option of acquiring a refrigerator and dishwasher from the same design range. Appliances from the same range give your kitchen an elegant and seamless appearance. Please contact our experienced customer service team if you would like help putting your unique kitchen package together!

Major appliances

Whether you are planning a simple update or a total renovation, it is important to bring a warm and homely ambience to the kitchen. Create a perfect cohesive look by choosing appliances with the same design as your cooker. We have a range of dishwashers, fans, splashbacks, fridges and coffee machines that will deliver a stunning effect in your kitchen!

Choose from our kitchen accessories to complement your cooker

Make cooking and baking even more pleasurable with accessories designed for use with your cooker and other practical kitchen utensils. Choose from our selection of oven trays, baking trays, oven racks, pizza steels, griddles, exclusive kitchen utensils and chopping boards. View all our accessories HERE !

Our brands

Discover well-known brands from all over Europe in our extensive range. All with a wealth of experience and a long history of cooker manufacturing, a love of cooking and cutting-edge technology! Further information about all our brands is available HERE !
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Here are answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked about our cookers. Is there anything else you would like to know? Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer service team.
It is important to let the hob, whatever kind it is, to cool down completely before cleaning it. Induction hobs and ceramic hobs are easiest to clean because the whole surface is completely flat. This makes it more difficult for grease and other spills to cling on. So all you need is a cloth and a few drops of washing-up liquid or a specially formulated hob cleaner to remove tough grease stains. Any burnt-on food that has been spilled can be removed with a special hob scraper that does not scratch the surface. Then polish to a shine with a dry cloth.
For best results, allow the cooker to cool completely before cleaning. A gas hob comprises a number of components that can be removed. Both the grates and burners can be lifted off for easy access to the stove top. Parts made of cast iron are easy to clean by hand using some washing-up liquid and warm water. A gas cooker with a stainless steel base is even easier to clean. Wipe the stainless steel surfaces with a damp cloth and a few drops of cleaning fluid. Do not use bleach cleaners or any products that contain chlorinated cleaning agents on stainless steel. Do not use abrasive pads or cloths that can leave scratches on the steel surfaces. Finish by polishing the steel surface with a cleaning product purposely made for stainless steel.
Depending on the oven model, it is sometimes possible to lift the pane of glass off the oven door and clean it separately. It should still be quite simple to clean the glass even if it is not possible to remove it. Use a cleaner specially formulated for ovens. Or a tried and tested home remedy, such as bicarbonate and water.
Lofra oven trays are placed on the oven rack rather than on the sliding rails inside the oven. This allows the air inside the oven to circulate better and ensure even heat distribution. This is very common in professional cookers across Europe. If you prefer a tray that is not placed on a rack, you can purchase one as an optional accessory for your Lofra cooker.
You may install a cooker with a plug yourself. However, a cooker that requires a permanent electrical installation must be fitted by an electrical installation company. Connection to natural gas or city gas networks must be carried out by a qualified gas installer. You may install LPG yourself. However, we strongly recommend that you use a qualified installer for an LPG gas installation. This will ensure compliance with all regulations and that all warranties remain valid. It is usual that installation of a cooker must be carried out by a qualified professional in order for its warranty to be valid. Further information about installations can be found under our installation guide.
An induction hob makes different sounds when in use. You might hear it clicking when it is set at a low heat and humming when turned higher. The heating zones also have a cooling fan that prevents the electronics from overheating. You will therefore hear a buzzing noise from the fan, which may continue for a while after the hob has been turned off. All of these sounds are completely normal, but should not be so loud that they are bothersome. If the noise from your hob is louder than described above, it is probably because the pots and pans you are using are not optimal for induction hobs. Your cookware should ideally have a thick magnetic iron base. However, many manufacturers today use other materials. Unfortunately, saucepans made of 100% copper, aluminium or non-magnetic stainless steel will not work on an induction hob because it uses magnetism to heat them. If your induction hob makes cracking or humming noises, we suggest you take a look at the cookware that you are using and possibly replace some. It is easy to find out which of your saucepans or pots can be used on an induction hob. All you need is a simple magnet (like a fridge magnet). If the magnet sticks to the underside of a saucepan, then that saucepan will work on your induction hob. You will get the best results from your induction hob by using cookware with a 100% iron base.